True Axion Interactive

True Axion Interactive is Axion Ventures’ recently formed joint venture with True Corporation Public Company Limited, a major telecom and media company in Thailand with online game publishing arms throughout Southeast Asian countries. The entity is positioned to become the most capable game development studio in the region by leveraging Axion Games’ business model and industry expertise with support from True Corporation when it comes to publishing and media.

By taking advantage of True Corporation’s massive telecommunications network, Axion is also poised to enter one of the most rapidly growing sectors in the gaming industry: eSports. Competitive gaming has taken off since 2010, and we at True Axion Interactive are focused on developing our own eSports title. True Corporation has the infrastructure in place to maintain a tight web of communication, allowing gamers around the region to be aware of not only upcoming in-game events, but also local competitions and professional tournaments. Southeast Asia is the fastest growing region on the planet for gaming, and True Axion Interactive, recognizing this, is committed to the competitive gaming scene, and True Axion Interactive is in the pole position for taking the competitive gaming scene by storm.

Part of maintaining our position as a top tier game studio revolves around having the talent to build games for years to come. With this in mind, True Axion Interactive Academy has been founded to help create a healthy ecosystem using hand-picked, local developers and giving them the tools they need to be the best. By providing our artists, designers, and programmers access to state-of-the-art facilities and an unparalleled curriculum, our students leave the Academy ready to tackle any and all challenges they face when entering the workforce.

Based on the curriculum developed at our Chinese Game Academy, we will instill our students with the creativity and technical ability enabling them to build us build the most exceptional gaming experiences seen anywhere. As more people in Southeast Asia are becoming connected to the internet, the desire to engage with locally grown content flourishes. To date, however, no studio in Thailand has produced a global hit. We aim to change that, and we will do so with graduates of True Axion Interactive Academy supplemented with talent we garner from the region.