Game Academy

3D Model

64 weeks course
2 lessons per week
2 hours per lesson
Classroom Open
16 Jan 2018
40,000 THB

This course is about introducing program that will be using to create art work eg; Zbrush, Maya, 3Ds max, 3DCoat, Photoshop to build Model Low Polygon and Mapping Textures including Paint Textures for Game Engine (Unity5, Unreal 4) The knowledge of this course is for people who interested in building Low Polygon by specialist professor with world standard experience

What will I learn?

By the end of this course, a student who applied themselves will have the necessary skills to design and create their own 3D Art for games, alternatively, this student will have the skill to present and prepare a portfolio and be hired by companies seeking Jr.3D Game Artist.


  • Artistic approach
  • Knowledge of 3D Software is recommended
  • Basic computer skill
  • The ability to make mistakes and learn from that


  • A pen & paper
  • Digital pen tablet
  • Unity
  • 3Ds Max,Maya,Zbrush,Substance Painter


  • Introduction
  • Modeling Workflow
  • Basic UV workflow
  • Basic Textures Workflow with photoshop
  • Basic Environment Art
  • Review and How to make your own Portfolio


Mr.Nawin Sapchinda

3D Director

Game Academy

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